A tweet, can be a hero or a zero! Your pick

After a public vote concerning which post to write first, this is the one that was picked, and here it is.

Disclaimer, I know all tweeps mentioned in this post, and they are all very nice people, and some I know in person, so just telling you that this is not a critique of them, but of the style of tweets 🙂 and how they can be improved.

Should I put this hashtag? What title should I write?

Of course, this is a not a rule and not everyone should follow. But you have a post, or a campaign or a cause or whatever the case may be and you really need strong reaction to it for whatever reason that may be. You can always go classic and you can always pick the classical title. Therefore you shouldn’t forget about the right use of hashtags, too many? too little?

It’s a trial & error exercise

Believe it or not, a tweet can either generate a lot of visits to that link you’ve shared or zero (maybe one, which is yours, testing if the link is working because it received none). Been there done that, and I still don’t get it right all the time. Read more…


Twitter Tips courtesy @_kaled

Last week @_kaled shared some very interesting tips about using Twitter, I don’t agree exactly with some of them, but I definitely think they’re worth being put under one post, and I have the pleasure that Khaled accepted to have them hosted on my blog. 

I was approached by FunkyOzzi (that would be me) to compile a twitter rant of mine from last week. And so without too much of an introduction, I humbly bring you: my rant.

Are you new to twitter? Not a problem. Let me give you some basic and free Twitter Tips to make the tweeting experience more enjoyable for you.

twitter tips

Things to keep in mind about me and these tips:

  • I am by no means a Social Media “Expert” (in the manner that this term has been abused). I am merely a Social Media user like the rest of us.
  • These tips are more about etiquette rather than the functional use of Twitter. So here goes:
  1. Don’t count your tweets or your followers. It says nothing about you as a person. Not even if you’re Ashton Kutcher or Lady Gaga.
  2. There is a plethora of Instant Messaging (IM)/Chat services that are free for download. For example: Gtalk, WLM, AIM, yahoo messenger. There’s no fun in chatting publicly. (I so agree with this)
    Personally, I ‘try’ to use the rule: 3 mentions –> DM; 3 DMs –> email etc… (for me the DM thing can go forever until the response itself needs more than 140 character, this is when I give up and ask for the person’s email address)
  3. Don’t ask people to follow. Give them a chance to like your creativity, humor, cause, thoughts etc…Just be interesting!
  4. I hate to break it to you, but the whole world follows @mashable. You add no value by RT’ing them incessantly, all day long. (IMO, it’s ok to RT very known users such as the latter, but make sure you post your opinion to give some added value, be selective)
  5. Believe me, if it’s worth sharing, it will be RT’d…don’t beg for attention.
  6. Be social. Interact by replying. Unless you think you are too good for your followers; in that case maybe social media is not your forte.
  7. Are you creating original content via a blog? Great! Go ahead & schedule your links 4 more readership round the clock. Otherwise try not to schedule casual tweets. The power of Twitter is in its real time value.
  8. Do you want to do a Follow Friday a.k.a #FF? No problem, here’s how it works (courtesy of the panda of awesomeness @UxSoup) http://j.mp/lb0wQl
  9. “The internet is a pen, not a pencil” @benmezrich. You may delete a tweet, but it will always be on a server somewhere. Think before you tweet
  10. Last but not least: it’s called ‘breakfast’ not ‘brekkie’. For the love of all which does not suck, please don’t tear down the English language.

Nb: you may search for the hashtag #TwitterTips to see what other users are recommending

About @_kaled:

an ex-AdMan with an MBA in Marketing from the American University of Beirut. With years of Advertising/Communications experience from Grey Beirut and JWT, he is currently a Client Services Manager for a leading North American e-Commerce firm.

3 new posts coming up, help me decide which 1 first

  1. A tweet can be a hero or a zero, your pick: How to write a tweet to give justice to the content you’re promoting
  2. Putting RFID into use in Lebanon: Another technology that can be used in a creative with Facebook (of course to promote)
  3. Lebanese websites, NOT SEO friendly: Need I elaborate?

Since my time is tight, what post you suggest I work on first?

Unsubscribe, or talk to the hand

Unsubscribe Webpage message - At least leave a good impression

I heard it with my own ears that few clients ask their developers to remove the unsubscribe option from their emails as part of their e-newsletters etc… And others clients, put the unsubscribe but make it dysfunctional.

This post is short and straight to the point, let me tell you why you MUST put the unsubscribe option:

  • The user/receiver has two options, either they will keep deleting and swearing at you every time, and deciding to stop buying from you, your product or service, or read your blog or website or whatever
  • Report you as spam. AND you do not want to be reported as spam, as your domain “@annoyingclient.com” will become blacklisted with time in the mail serves.

Either ways, it’s bad for you and your business. Now go tell the developers to add that “Unsubscribe” option.

Lebanon, want to tap into doing specials on Foursquare? Here’s how

Location based services are still pretty unused in Lebanon. The retailers or shops or any kind of entity in Lebanon are still shy about this service. If you remember well, there was the Dabke video promoting Beirut Duty Free that went viral, and with that Beirut Duty Free did a special on foursquare 

Beirut Duty Free on Foursquare

Beirut Duty Free Special Discount on Foursquare

This is a nice initiative. And I hope more consumer based “places” tap into this service, the Location Based service that is. There are a couple more of these specials on foursquare, mostly from pubs and pastries (such as Le Gustav) and others. Read more…

Community Building

Just think about a user generated content website, being started from scratch. How do you go about that? When you look at Dubizzle* today, you find that it’s huge, and it didn’t happen overnight or easily.

These are notes I’ve taken while attending a presentation by JC Butler, co-founder of Dubizzle, which I think would be helpful to startups or freelancers or anyone thinking of engaging and building a community for whatever reason

  • Community content is more original than general content << Value in that is people will trust such a site more
  • Facebook is community content gossip site
  • Tech opportunities << Think Foursquare, think YouTube, think HTML5 ads over certain website content
    • Content innovation
    • New form of content
    • Define new space
What defines community?
  • Geography
  • Interests
  • Relationships
How will you benefit?
    • Users marketing their content on your site ==> Marketing your site
    • Sharing their content on other sites ==> Marketing your site
    • Online has to be offline << Don’t limit yourself to online communication
    • Besides your mom, who will market it for you?
    • Sometimes data [Statistics and market study] might lead you off, but sometimes if you have a gut feeling you should take a risk
    • We [Dubizzle] stopped coding new features & focused more on changing our main functionalities (search to become faster and more efficient, etc..)
    • Make it easier, better and more efficient
Dubizzle.com is a free classified and community site, that started in UAE and is now big there, and now expanded to many other Arab countries. You can also visit Dubizzle Lebanon who’s still a baby, but step by step I guess!

Why “Like” competition activities are effective

(FunkyOzzi’s notes: This is written by Riad Afyouni as a comment in response to the Milking Social Media post I had written earlier this month. I found the content of the comment very logical, informative and useful, that I thought they’re worthy of sharing. Enjoy.)

I believe those are not strategies, but rather tiny elements of a holistic strategy. The “LIKE” competitions, although not the core of a strategy, are not expensive and can create a hype on the page for a limited amount of time. Those can help in several ways, mainly:

  • Building a “rapport” between the business and its customer – if handled properly those types of competition can help the brand become a “friend” of the follower with daily interaction
  • Allow the business to give gifts, freebies and often discounts to increase loyalty
  • Drive more sales by subtle promotions
  • Enhance subscriptions to other digital presences (Whether it is to increase the newsletter subscriptions, mobile subscriptions, website subscriptions…etc…)
  • Reduce the overall cost to get one new follower, for example if a business has a set budget of USD 100,000 to be spent on social media per year, 80% of that budget can be spent to build up major viral components such as micro-sites, videos…etc… and the remaining 20% can be used to build up the little stuff, such as “LIKE” competitions, sponsored stories..etc… Eventually those will reduce the dollar value of a follower.

Nevertheless, I do agree that “LIKE” competitions are growing largely similar, but if you look closely enough, different page administrators are handling it differently, some largely succeeding and others failing.