Most of us small shop owners are creating Facebook pages to represent our work, show what products or services we provide and at the end of the day get customers.

That’s okay, there is no shame in that. But smart people have realized that besides good quality of product or service, there is also something more important. What is it? It’s your customer’s loyalty.

Why would this person be your customer and not the other pub’s or cafe or accessories shop around the corner? Well, you need to build a relationship with them.


And that is what a Facebook page is all about.

So, you, as a pub; instead of telling people, hey, we have drinks, come have a drink (you don’t want to promote alcoholism do you?)

Create a story, don’t just sell a product

Instead, create a story, and let them be the stars. Say a person can’t find someone to hang out with, tell them to come anyway, you’ll play a specific song for them, you’ll offer them a shot on the house. More persons ==> More stories.

A pub is not about drinks, it’s about the atmosphere, the music, the story.

Stay tuned for more.