These are 3 cool recent Augmented Reality executions. The first is from National Geographic where people got to hang out with Dinosaurs, Wild Animals and Astronauts….

This is a Movie Scenes application (that makes you live the movie right there right then). Pretty cool for dreamy people with a huge passion for movies.

And Heinz Ketchup Augmented Reality Recipe application, which I believe is a pretty cool idea. Although I wouldn’t imagine what kind of recipes coming from a Ketchup product, but they’re pioneers and they beat others to it. Moreover it’s pretty inspiring for what many brands can actually accomplish with Augmented Reality Apps.

But most importantly, if you only have time for one video and one video only, make sure you watch a very interesting TED talk about Augmented Reality by storytelling and illusionist Marco Tempest. Think of it, when Magic and Illusion become Digital. This is definitely something you have not seen before.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post.