After a public vote concerning which post to write first, this is the one that was picked, and here it is.

Disclaimer, I know all tweeps mentioned in this post, and they are all very nice people, and some I know in person, so just telling you that this is not a critique of them, but of the style of tweets 🙂 and how they can be improved.

Should I put this hashtag? What title should I write?

Of course, this is a not a rule and not everyone should follow. But you have a post, or a campaign or a cause or whatever the case may be and you really need strong reaction to it for whatever reason that may be. You can always go classic and you can always pick the classical title. Therefore you shouldn’t forget about the right use of hashtags, too many? too little?

It’s a trial & error exercise

Believe it or not, a tweet can either generate a lot of visits to that link you’ve shared or zero (maybe one, which is yours, testing if the link is working because it received none). Been there done that, and I still don’t get it right all the time.

First of all, it should be good content you’re sharing

Of course it won’t work if what you’re linking to isn’t really that much worth sharing (so this post is dedicated to genuine good content, genuine good causes). Nevertheless it’s so sad to see a “good” post go in vain, or even worse, a really important cause not getting the right amount of attention and support.

Busy schedules lead to fast screening of tweets

You have to keep in mind, people are busy and exposed to a big number of articles, photos, emails, tweets, facebook statuses, mother’s email asking you if you watered the plant, if you ate, etc… so you need to make that tweet attractive, and you need to make it “searchable” and definitely eye-catching/appropriate hashtags.

tweets hashtags

Tweets & use of hashtags

If you look at both tweets, ask yourself 2 questions:

  1. Which one are you compelled to click on?
  2. Should you click on the 2nd as well, which has no description, are you going to re-share as is?

The first tweet, shows that this is a a very creative ad, but I would still prefer if the brand was mentioned, or something more descriptive on why it is creative. Why? Because what could be creative for @HaninSh, might not be considered creative for others. As for the use of hashtags, they’re very significant, but again, the use of brand would’ve been better as some people search for the brands on twitter search of google search engine.

As for the second tweet, I personally, and based on my busy schedule and slow internet, did not click on that tweet, and I still didn’t until today. Because I did not want to either waste time or bandwidth on something I really have no clue about. But suppose you’re bored, and you know Natalie (@virus2309) very well and know that she only tweets epic links, you might click on it, but how will you Retweet and share it? Are you going to add more description and more significant hashtags to it?

Sure, there are no “1” rule for everyone & everything. Many things work, but some things work better than others, and some things depend on who is sharing them too.

Over use of hashtags, with unnecessary ones, e.g. #new & #post shouldn't be hashtags. However, #CustomerService, #Maliks #SocialMedia sort of give you an idea of what the post is, and if you're interested in social media, you will want to click on it

I experiment a lot with my tweet built, I try something, if it doesn’t work, I try something else. So point is, for a tweet to be successful, it should rely on the following points:

  • Timing of tweeting (choose popular days, popular day time, repeat at night for other hemisphere etc…)
  • Text in that tweet, needs to be unique, different, shows the strongest point in that article (or video), brief description, call to action, touches the right spot etc.. (Check this post “Didn’t think my post was worth a tweet“)
  • Use of hashtags. Don’t over use hashtags where the title & exact point of this article is no longer clear.
  • Don’t over tweet. More info in this old post “Why you shouldn’t tweet much“.
  • Keep the same style
    • For example if you’re a blogger, always announce posts on your blog as new post, etc…
    • If you want to share news links or something controversial or very attractive & interesting or simply something outrageous, say your opinion (always at the beginning, or always at the end), also your opinion shouldn’t be a hashtag, unless you’re fun tweeting). Chances are people see these news all the time, so if you’re sharing it, add your added value.
    • If you want to brand yourself as someone who’s an expert & reference on a certain subject, also here your opinion is highly valuable, sure tweets are 140 characters & don’t fit, if your opinion can fit, put it, if not, make the title itself appealing, if you really have a lot to say about it, write a blogpost.

Simple, interesting content itself, catches the eye

Another simple tweet, @uxsoup is known for User Interface expertise. Content is interesting & straight to the point

Hope you enjoyed today’s post. Feedback, opinion, constructive criticism are very welcome.

Edited: I just noticed that I had favorited a tweet by @JoesBox last week, that talks about 5 steps to use hashtags for marketing. Helpful article indeed.