Unsubscribe Webpage message - At least leave a good impression

I heard it with my own ears that few clients ask their developers to remove the unsubscribe option from their emails as part of their e-newsletters etc… And others clients, put the unsubscribe but make it dysfunctional.

This post is short and straight to the point, let me tell you why you MUST put the unsubscribe option:

  • The user/receiver has two options, either they will keep deleting and swearing at you every time, and deciding to stop buying from you, your product or service, or read your blog or website or whatever
  • Report you as spam. AND you do not want to be reported as spam, as your domain “@annoyingclient.com” will become blacklisted with time in the mail serves.

Either ways, it’s bad for you and your business. Now go tell the developers to add that “Unsubscribe” option.