Location based services are still pretty unused in Lebanon. The retailers or shops or any kind of entity in Lebanon are still shy about this service. If you remember well, there was the Dabke video promoting Beirut Duty Free that went viral, and with that Beirut Duty Free did a special on foursquare 

Beirut Duty Free on Foursquare

Beirut Duty Free Special Discount on Foursquare

This is a nice initiative. And I hope more consumer based “places” tap into this service, the Location Based service that is. There are a couple more of these specials on foursquare, mostly from pubs and pastries (such as Le Gustav) and others.

Today Mashable published a post on HOW TO: Set Up a Foursquare Special. In summary:

  1. Create a special: Swarm, Friends, Flash, Newbie, Check-in, Mayor and Loyalty. These types allows you to be flexible on who to give the discount to. You want to encourage newbies, you want to encourage daily repeated check-ins, you know, just think about your strategy & choose the type, or simply look at the types and be inspired of a strategy! Explore your options
  2. Write your special: Just write up the text! You have 200 characters, make it catchy, call for action and give something away that would really motivate people to come to your place
  3. Determine the values for the special: If you have more than one branch, choose one or more. You can also have multiple specials running simultaneously.
  4. Educate the staff: This is a crucial part, you don’t want to do something while you’re at home and not let your staff be aware of it, and know how to use it and reward/inform those clients/prospects with this special.
Do consider this kind of advertising, because you are not throwing a banner in a place where you’re not sure your customers will see it, the discount is an ad by itself, and when people see this, they get more motivated to come again and again or come for the first time, moreover they share with their friends, people talk about this online and encourage more people to do this. It’s a trend, and it’s a good one.