Just think about a user generated content website, being started from scratch. How do you go about that? When you look at Dubizzle* today, you find that it’s huge, and it didn’t happen overnight or easily.

These are notes I’ve taken while attending a presentation by JC Butler, co-founder of Dubizzle, which I think would be helpful to startups or freelancers or anyone thinking of engaging and building a community for whatever reason

  • Community content is more original than general content << Value in that is people will trust such a site more
  • Facebook is community content gossip site
  • Tech opportunities << Think Foursquare, think YouTube, think HTML5 ads over certain website content
    • Content innovation
    • New form of content
    • Define new space
What defines community?
  • Geography
  • Interests
  • Relationships
How will you benefit?
    • Users marketing their content on your site ==> Marketing your site
    • Sharing their content on other sites ==> Marketing your site
    • Online has to be offline << Don’t limit yourself to online communication
    • Besides your mom, who will market it for you?
    • Sometimes data [Statistics and market study] might lead you off, but sometimes if you have a gut feeling you should take a risk
    • We [Dubizzle] stopped coding new features & focused more on changing our main functionalities (search to become faster and more efficient, etc..)
    • Make it easier, better and more efficient
Dubizzle.com is a free classified and community site, that started in UAE and is now big there, and now expanded to many other Arab countries. You can also visit Dubizzle Lebanon who’s still a baby, but step by step I guess!