So you know what to do, when it comes to SEO and optimization for a certain website, but you’re not being able to translate that into actual implementation! This video from Distilled is quite useful with a few tips here and there.

Check out the video by Tom Critchlow from Distilled on SEOMOZ

Major points from the video presentation:

  1. Stick to short straight to the point report, especially when recommending a change. Separate the convincing, from the doing (report for the developers on what they need to do exactly)
  2. Make things actionable, and not just giving general examples
  3. Understanding who is going to do what, and how? Should they hire more resources, how many man-hour should they dedicate to this, etc..
  4. Keep communicating with the website development team, tell them what you’re up to, and collaborate with them in order to know what they’re planning, and what you’re planning on doing.
  5. Socialize, take them to lunch, call, email, make them like you!
#5 is a pretty interesting point, isn’t it?