Stop copycat-ing! Start innovating
Just like how Making Mana2ish worked for one, then everyone started doing it. And then those hot dog snack booths spread like wildfire across the country. Same same for video renting shops, and music (tapes) shops, and of course renting DVDs (and VCDs…), and do you remember when the “Network – cafe” shops started, like one per city, and then after a year, since it worked for one, they all wanted to do it, regardless of whether they had the IT / gaming background or not? And then you ended up with a network shop in almost every street, competing with each other and lowering the prices too much, that it was no longer affordable to them to have such a shop, and then end up ruining it for themselves and the others?

Milking it
Well this is what’s happening with Social Media. One social media strategy worked for one, and now they all want to do it! They’re milking it, sorry for the vulgar metaphor!

Think differently, make use of existent tools
This post is straight up and straight to the point. You as a company, you need to come up with new ideas, come up with creative and innovative methods, pay a bit extra to the social media guru (if you have one) to do help you accomplish that.

Two creative executions:
This is a really cool execution of augmented reality by Lynx Excite , where Angels have fallen.

And this is an awesome use of foursquare check-ins, Granata Pet Snack Check. So in summary, check in, the site gives you dog food, and then your dog gets to eat! Although I would have loved to see this video done in a more fun way, less talk, less time, and point made.

More investment needed
If the video’s content is of great quality, it will surely go viral. Some nice attempts have been done so far in Lebanon, and many videos have drawn attention and success, but I still don’t see something that makes my jaw drop, I know there are a lot of creative people out there, I hope the clients though, invest some more money, and allow the creative get creative.

No more “LIKE” competitions please
Competitions on Facebook (guilty of that) have become lame. Please think of new strategies.

Updated: For documentation purposes, I think M&Ms execution and using Google Street View tool, to do the search for the Red M&M is also quite successful, fun and cute.