(@FunkyOzzi’s notes: This is another guest post by @MarieNakhle, dedicated mostly to companies who want to enrich their presence on twitter and make the best of it. I am truly lucky that Marie chose to write guest posts on my blog, and I cannot emphasize enough the following: HIRE HER NOW!)

Now that you have established an acceptable presence on Twitter and you have gathered an acceptable amount of followers, start using the data you have mined from these followers and let them be your advocate to attract more followers.

I have gathered below further tips to strengthen your Twitter position as a company:

  1. Special Offers: Of course! Reward the people who have taken the time to connect with you and gain new followers at the same time. BUT please:
    1. Be creative: Use special occasions, holidays, a follower birthday. Organize competitions, games..
    2. Be spontaneous: Surprise your followers with an unannounced prize. This way they will always be hooked to your timeline waiting for more surprises.
    3. Don’t reward too much: If you start giving out deals left and right they’ll lose their appeal.
    4. Always make the second step: There’s always one more thing you can do. The offer expires, let them know you’re sorry they missed the offer. Give make-up gifts.
  2. Integrate with other marketing mediums: Use Social Media in conjunction with other online and offline campaigns. It can help extend the reach of your initial marketing message.
  3. Use social media to build SEO: a previous post written by @FunkyOzzi
  4. Keep in touch: Set a routine, flag the top twitter persons and dedicate time every day to read their blog/Tweets/whatever and respond. Relationships take work.
  5. Attend Tweetups: Show up, meet the people. Let them know you are just another tweep who is ready to hear their comments and suggestions.
  6. Be authentic: Be genuine and real. If you screw up, apologize. Don’t be defensive.
  7. Track: Track conversations mentioning your name or your brand. React.
  8. Announce job openings: The word is spread really quickly on twitter. You’ll get more applicants and you’ll show your followers that you trust in them and that you care to help.
  9. Limit Twitter automation: No auto-reply DM, no auto-follow. It’s annoying and impersonal. Let your followers feel special by writing personalized replies. Use scheduled tweets wisely!
  10. Customer Service: Answer people questions about your company. If they point out a problem they are facing with your website, your product or they just need a quick information..  Provide it. Guide them. Respond and Deal with negative comments.

Hope this was accurate and helpful. Waiting for your comments!