I have been wanting to write about how Facebook’s “Like” was successful in contrast to Flickr’s “Favorite”. And why “Like” was more popular and used than “Favorite” (proportionally speaking of course to number of users per social network).

People feel like they really need to commit when choosing Flickr’s “Favorite”, it’s a big decision, it needs time to really make sure that this is a favorite, think twice, evaluate, etc… But “Like” is much looser, much cooler, much more down to earth.

And today, comes Google’s +1. +1 has been very popular on twitter as a statement after retweeting someone. So, it’s a matter of “you agree?” ok so you +1.

I totally predict this is going to be a hit. It requires that you have a profile on google, and your plusones are published only to people in your network. At one point, google will allow this to be share on more social networks such as facebook and the like.