5 tips for a better twitter experience(FunkyOzzi’s notes: This is a guest post by @MarieNakhle, I love how simple, heart felt and straight to the point this post is, so make sure you read it with an open heart and take these tips into account when planning/executing your twitter strategy)

You are a company, you are marketing something and you believe in Social Media as a marketing tool that will benefit your business. You are focused on two social networks sites: Facebook and Twitter.

Things are going well on Facebook for you but not so well on Twitter. You think you are doing it right. You are posting regularly with a good and very interesting content. But why aren’t you getting more followers?

I have gathered below some tips that will hopefully be useful. I spend lots of time on Twitter and I’m not talking as an expert but as your customer.

  1. Learn: Search the internet for user guides. Learn the difference between Re-tweets and Replies. Don’t tweet links without comments. Learn to speak Twitter.
  2. Follow: You don’t look classy and important if you have 0 following, 100 followers. You look snob and arrogant. And you don’t look very good as well with 1000 following, 50 followers. Just keep a good balance!
  3. Tweet: Regularly. Your timeline should not always be full of informational tweets about your company, product…  Tweet some interesting facts, fun stuff, any useful information. Don’t be annoying. Don’t flood people timeline with ads and heartless tweets. Be personal (to a certain extent).
  4. Interact: Re-tweet. People love it when you give them credit. Engage in discussions. Offer random tweets of kindness. If someone is wondering what to do on Saturday night suggest a certain event. Show people that you listen.
  5. Look around: Search for influencers* (key persons). At the beginning, it is not about the numbers, it’s about the actual influencers. Look for popular tweeps, create connections with bloggers. You better have them by your side!

That’s to start with. Call it Stage 1. Once you gain some position and get popular, you should move to Stage 2 (*hint stay tuned for a second post by Marie)!