So yesterday, I checked someone’s post, then decided to check more posts from that blog, and found an interesting one. But I didn’t like the title. So I took an excerpt of what that blogger said, tweeted it and put a link back to the post. It got some good number of Retweets.

And then after, I get the following DM from that blogger:

Now if you remember very well (or not? O.o), I once wrote a post that has to do with writing an Epic title for your blog, because in the era when everything is pushed to us through twitter, and there are so many news and blogs and articles out there, a catchy title is crucial!

So here’s why, you should tweet your post, even if you don’t think it’s worth it, I am not saying you are the best blogger out there, what I am saying is, if you want to improve, put it out there and see its outcome.:

  1. Times have changed, few are now the people who go to your blog to see what’s new, most traffic nowadays are coming from social networks such as facebook and twitter , etc.. So you need to push the posts to them
  2. It might turn out to be great and get great responses, retweets and comments, and what not! But, chances are it sorta sucks, or has some illogical arguments, or not well supported proofs etc… So you’ll get others to discuss it, and point out the fallacies, or small errors, or simply an un-interest in what you wrote (not get a lot of responses) and you’ll get to learn from them, and according to them readers, you can improve for next time
  3. Something else you might learn is the fact that you wrote it/marketed it at wrong times. Not your fault, but it’s them who are not receptive to what you wrote at that period of time, it could be a period where a natural disaster happened, or a huge political uprise, or an important regional event, that could overshadow your post. Timing is important.

p.s. Apparently the blogger doesn’t mind that  I share her name, the blogger I was talking about is @youmny, and this is the post I was talking about, and instead of the title she had “Lebanese Online Marketing Strategies” I put this: