Are we benefiting from Foursquare and Gowalla in Lebanon?
Someone asked me yesterday what my thoughts are concerning Foursquare and Gowalla (Location based) services in Lebanon. My first reaction was that Lebanese tend to cheat a lot, I know many who are able to check in Times Square in New York City while being at Abu Arab’s eating a Ka3ke. I also didn’t get the mayor-ship’s big deal until recently because it is not properly used in Lebanon, in the sense that we’re not benefiting from it like it is the case abroad. It’s not exclusive to just looking up places near-by and seeing what other people recommended.



So I was wondering, when will restaurants and hotels benefit from this, market themselves online, by giving discounts, gifts and good deals to their “place” ‘s mayor? As we say in Lebanese: “Wein byosorfou lal mayor?” – Translation: “Where do I cash-in the mayor-ship?

No Deals in Lebanon for Mayors?
Maybe I missed some places making deals on foursquare in Lebanon, but I highly doubt it considering my 24/7 online presence! If you know of any, do let me know.


Gowalla Focuses on Serendipity instead of rewarding the mayor
Moreover, Gowalla decided to not only limit deals and gifts to people who become mayors like Foursquare does, but keep it serendipitous. For example Eye-fi launched recently this new thing:

When a person checks in through Gowalla at any U.S.-based Best Buy or Apple Store, they’ll automatically have a chance to win a free 4 GB Eye-Fi card. A message will pop up on their screen about the card post check-in. And a simple click on the “Did I win?” button below that message will reveal if you’re a winner of the $75 card the spot

Let’s hope Apparel and gadget stores in Lebanon join in and benefit from this.

I am still waiting to see when will Lebanese realize how much online digital marketing can help increase their sales. #justsayin

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