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This post is for free, since I know that hiring a “Social Media Consultant” (expert, guru.. whatever you want to call him/her), costs about 100 to 200$ per hour. I would like to give a small tip to retailers and shops and restaurants even corporate companies who want to jump on this wagon.

Tip #1: No one is an expert in social media, because social media today is still very volatile, everyone is experiencing with it, even big brands failed sometimes, and they had to fix it, and other brands succeeded epically! So, don’t fall for anyone who tells you “we can increase your ROI by this exact percentage”, why? because it’s BULLSHIT!

Tip #2: ROI is measurable, but is not totally predictable. Social media simply depends on the consumer’s or people’s reaction. So maybe you can track it by telling people to tell you they came to you from a tweet, or simply do a comparison of profit between the before and after social media campaign.

Tip #3: Be present, and this means listen to what people want (and this is very easy nowadays, check your @ mentions on twitter, or google your brand, search on facebook, etc..)

Tip #4: Interact, positively, even if you hear bad reviews, consult with the whole management before you reply “independently” because you might get your company in trouble and actually make it worse

Tip #5: Give discounts and offers, people just love free stuff!

Tip #6: Have some kinda blog, or stick to microblogging, and provide interesting and general info that has to do with your industry (depending how flexible is your industry), so you can become the go-to reference for such industry, so you can be the expert. You can also offer support (again depends on the industry)

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nearly half of the small businesses that reported social networks have already boosted sales are using social networking in multiple business development and sales capacities

Good Luck!

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