Use Social Media Already
Something I am totally surprised to NOT see, is that shops, restaurants & retailers haven’t jumped on the Social Media wagon yet. 

Take Virgin City Mall for example, why can’t Virgin Megastore, suddenly tweet something like:

@ImaginaryAccountOfVirgin: 20% off of Photography books for first 5 who will check-in Virgin Megastore in Citymall in the next hour. Happy New Year y’all

Or, Dunkin Donuts saying something like:

@NoAmNotFatDunkinDonuts: Retweet this and show up in the next 15 minutes to get yourself a complimentary daughnut with your coffee

Warning: Social Media is like any other tool, if misused, it will make you look unprofessional and useless, make sure you interact, you listen (you’ll really learn what the consumers wants), you give freebies or discounts, and what would that cost you? Seriously, think about it. Make sure someone smart & responsible is sitting behind that twitter account. Of course, think about facebook in that same manner. This will be another post.

Post Updated:

ZWZ’s timeline just after my tweet about this post today

See what ZwZ did?
1- They’re listening
2- They reacted
3- They got reactions, and positive ones

Simple exercise, costs them casi nothing, raises more awareness about their name, lets people find them friendly, etc… Nice going ZwZ 🙂

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