So I got an email in spam yesterday, one of those mass emailing thingies. I trashed it. But then I remembered  I saw them mentioning a game. So I went to their website. I am talking about Dunkin’ Donuts Lebanon. 

In order to play the game you need to register, cool enough. I did. Nice interface. Then I played the game for a couple of minutes, just to try it out. Addictive as usual, nice graphics, smooth.

Then, I wanted to see if they have a twitter, so I went to their menu link “DD on the net“. Okay… hmm ga.. d.. I did.. I didn’t find their twitter account! So I sent them a comment, telling them they really need one, and I tweeted that this is just what they lack. @Rabih (a total DD fan, just like me) replied to me:

Hmmm, so I checked their twitter account @DDLebanon and boy oh boy! Disaster (just like my @FunkyBeirut account :P, but I compensate with my @FunkyOzzi one, so it’s cool and that’s a whole different story).

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So they tweet, once every week, one tweet only, and a very general tweet, no interaction with users whatseover << Yep that’s it in a nutshell.

Wrong dear Dunkin’ Donuts who I love so much! Wrong. Get on twitter and interact!

You need to be more present on twitter, because people who are on twitter, many of them are people who share a lot, either through blogging or through their own personal online space (e.g. Facebook or Tumblr..)

Second, when you reach out to them, give them a discount here (read this really!), a competition there, market your loyalty card, etc..! Costs you barely nothing, and makes your online presence more heard!

Do it! Positive note, Kudos on the facebook page.

Originally posted on From Beirut with Funk