Everything in life can be turned into a formula, but difference is, the more we know the values of the variables in that formula the more we can assure what the result is going to be.

Since Social Media is the new trend for the past years and pretty recent in the MENA region, many are claiming that they are gurus and experts. Let me tell you why, no one is an expert in Social Media planning. But first, I want to point out that having a blog, a facebook page and a twitter account is not a social media plan… like.. no!! it’s not, or that would mean my mom has a social media plan!

Back to why no one can really be an expert. Since I love observing things and behaviors, reactions, inputs and outputs, I came to one conclusion so far, and it is that digital behavior keeps changing. Now you can predict and you can sort of draw a path for that behavior but you can never “assure” a certain path for it.

In SEO, it’s different, you can develop or use tools which can mathematically speaking with all the automation provided, be able to give an accurate presentation of your client’s presence online, but of course, that is only when it comes to search.

On the other hand, Social Media’s formula has too many variables that can have too many values thus the results can be too many.

Thus, the only advice I can give on your plan when you start your online and digital marketing strategy is to:

  • Remain flexible
  • Know your audience and where to advertise
  • Keep watching, reading and listening
  • Interact (positively)
  • Be honest
  • Reward
  • Accept criticism and improve accordingly
  • Keep up with the technology so you can take advantage of cool apps, especially mobile ones (like location based services)

Oh and, in case you’re looking to hire a Social Media “employee”, invest a bit more money, but I must admit, good luck finding a good one, there are few, so this means for people who are looking to work and are interested in this job, there’s a niche for you. Go ahead and research and read, and always, always, “never” promise of a certain outcome.