This post has been on my mind since months honestly, I get a lot of: “How many hits per day you get?” or I get a lot of: “Last night I got 5000 hits”. And my jaw drops usually, in my mind, I try not to show it.

Why am I saying this? Well this is simply a post written as an advice to potential clients who want to advertise on blogs. I know this is going to happen sooner or later in the region. Now I won’t go on how the blogger should go about it, this is will be another post.

For now, prospects should be careful of what the blogger says about his stats.

  1. Simply, check what kind of audience that blogger has, and if his/her blog is the right place for you to advertise.
  2. Check how old is the blog, sometimes (many times), hits accumulate simply because people search for photos and land on that blog, and only view the photo and not the content of the page
  3. Check how long does a reader stay on the blog and the percentage of readers from the total unique readers who stay at least 5 minutes browsing the blog.

Okay, hope this helps.