Do you retweet someone without checking the link they provided in their tweet?

This is a poll I did almost 2 months ago. Considering that one of twitter’s most major functions is sharing links to articles and photos and videos etc… And with time many seized the opportunity to promote their own writings through it, and with the followers one has, all they can rely on is that their followers retweet (share) the link to their post for more exposure and interaction.


Reading first, liking or disliking second, and maybe sharing

According to this poll, 53% don’t retweet unless they read the post first. This means, a bit more than half the people don’t retweet blindly, they care about the content they’re reading, and they judge it well, they share it. Why? Because these followers also have a personal brand they’re building and don’t want to just share anything and too many of it. It’s not just people with certain job functions who do that, it’s everyone, at least it should be.

Self-Content curation

The internet is almost expanding faster than the universe itself, and there is too much content out there, too much stuff.. how do you know what is worth reading and what isn’t? Twitter is a good feed, because on twitter, you choose who to follow, and thus you’re choosing a quality of tweets that will be pushed into your mind on a daily basis (in a way you’re curating the content you’re receiving), therefore you need to make sure that it’s what you like and what is useful for you (on any level you choose, career wise, personal, entertainment), whether it being news articles, photography tips, social media tips, sports, location based tweets (to meet new people), etc…

Thus, what you should be pondering about when writing a post, is almost all that. You want your followers to simply respect, admire or at least find it interesting (whether they agree with you or not) enough to share it and retweet it.

Building trust is a must

Let’s not forget the 25% who retweet blindly only when the link is coming from certain people. What does this show? It shows that they have learned to trust that person, and at that moment, they didn’t perhaps have time to read the post, but they know that it’s good and it has added value because X posted it. And that is something a blogger/writer should strive for. I believe it is probably one of the most admirable things a tweep can get to whilst building their personal brand. So while doing those 2 things I mentioned (which isn’t an easy job) you will manage to have almost more than 80% of the retweeting people retweeting you.

Good luck getting retweeted 🙂

p.s. Again, this post is directly related to writing posts and promoting them through twitter (or facebook). It is slightly similar to posting a link on facebook, people will share but not as much as they do on twitter. Twitter seems to be much more about sharing than facebook, because the latter is more about “putting yourself out-there”.