Because this blog is about real experience, I tend to do many mistakes “on purpose” (yeah right :P) and that’s only so I offer a credible experience so you get to learn from them.

Learn from MY mistakes
In my previous post “F*ck Lebanon, F*ck Social Media” I wrote about how a great content for a post is not enough, it should be topped with an even greater title that should attract readers. Fine, the title of my post pulled it through, you see I was experimenting with that post more than I was just preaching, nevertheless, the content of the post not so much. Even though it conveyed the message, it wasn’t as credible as the content I provided, it was not greatly written. My excuse? I wrote it at work, rapidly and with not much focus.

Lessons I learned:
– Don’t write a post hastily
– Don’t write a post at 1 am

Problem with time
My problem, and I am guessing many are like me, I can’t really always write posts while I am at work, and if I do, it’s usually during a bathroom break (don’t ask!). And if you’re in Lebanon during this summer, for sure you’re busy “living” after work hours, so you tend to get home a bit late, and you might end up writing a post very late with many grammar mistakes and weak sentences structure.

How to solve this
If you’re really going pro with your blog, then I suggest you dedicate time for it and take it seriously.. But if you’re like me, just having fun while you’re on this ride, then I guess it’s okay, it’s forgivable.. I hope.

The one thing you should do, is merely know what you really want from your blog (as I have said earlier in the first post I wrote) and this is where you decide the professionalism in your posts.

The perfect post
I know many will disagree on this one, saying they’d rather write a perfect post or not write at all.

IMHO, if I will go for perfect posts, I’d probably post once a month or quit my job and make blogging a full-time job (I would do it if each blogger in the Lebanese blogosphere paid me 5 bucks a month? okay? no? bad idea? kay, forget I said that!).

As I said before, a blogger should know the purpose of his blog, for me, a blog isn’t about being the best out there and getting huge hits, it is simply about sharing an idea that crossed my mind and knowing that my readers are smart and can pick stuff up on their own, and it’s also about documenting the evolution of the way I think over time about something.

Constant self-evaluation

The purpose of this post is self-criticism, and that is something I guess a blogger (and politicians.. meh) should embrace, we are not the best, we strive to be of course, therefore we should always evaluate our work in order to … improve!

Have a nice week everyone.

p.s. Anything you want to know about? Drop a message, I would love to look into it and share it with you. I find these things fun.