Okay now that I got your attention: You have to realize that on twitter all you can rely on sometimes is how attractive the title of your post is. Yep, as simple as that. I just did NOT re-invent the wheel, I am just stressing out something and throwing a small reminder about it.

This is something I noticed within the recent year of my presence on Twitter, because at first (even though I still lazy-up on coming up with a good title), the titles I chose were very classic and ordinary, on the other hand I am working on improving this issue now.

The reason why I didn’t care about coming up with attractive titles before, was that my readers were either people who use search engines to find a certain read, therefore I really relied on choosing the right labels for my post (keywords), or because people were subscribed to my RSS feed through Google reader or any other reader. Therefore the title, didn’t really matter that much.

However, believe it or not, even though the content of your post can be truly strong, informative, supported with evidence, well-researched and eloquently written, if you don’t put that attractive title, it won’t work.

Although you might tell me: “My followers always read what I have to say! and once they see how great the post is, they will re-tweet it”

Uh-huh yes… your followers… but will their followers follow through? Think about that.

Great content, greater title. That’s what matters. Oh and of course, awesome friends (followers.. stalkers..).