Okay, so companies, who want to promote something, still mass/bulk email. Let me tell you why you should stop mass emailing:

1- It goes straight to junk.

Okay that’s it, that’s the one and only and enough reason for companies to forget about mass emailing.

Online marketing is not about mass emailing for those who still think it is.


  • Are you targeting the right audience?
  • How can you be sure that the ad agency which services you’re using has correct email addresses, or can guarantee that the audience is actually the right audience for you? Labeling them by sector in their database, is it enough in your opinion?
  • Again, it goes to junk = audience doesn’t see it
  • Same ad company sends us 10 ads per day, we are being exposed to constant ads on the radio, on the roads, on TV, on the internet, in our own mailboxes, aren’t we all just a tidbit sick and tired?

Listen, you want to get to the right audience, right? I will make it simple for you, just PR online. As simple as that.

5 things you should do:

  1. Get online
  2. Listen
  3. Interact
  4. Respond
  5. Wait for feedback

Yes, you see “Interacting” and “Responding” are two different things. First you interact to get more info on what the prospect or user or already-customer/consumer is saying, and then you respond by either giving back (be it a discount, a freebie, a free service, a link, an advice, a Q&A, etc…) or you improve, and then you try to rectify where you went wrong.

People, us, we like being given attention, to feel like we are important to our suppliers, it’s very simple. Really!

Best promotion is the word of mouth promotion, it has been proven. People trust people more than they trust ad agencies, or fake commercials.

p.s. If you insist on Mass Emailing, it can work in one case: when the email addressed you have, are of those who “subscribed” or already used your services, meaning they are already interested, and it definitely is better that the email is coming right from you instead of a mediator, you see, the client needs to “trust” you and “feel important” that you took the time to contact them one by one.