Welcome, Ahla w Sahla

First of all, I’d like to welcome you to my newly created blog, so please have a biscuit or a ka3ke and a coffee or tea, whatever you fancy, because it’s going to be a long post, and you will need the energy. Moreover, I want to explain the reasons behind creating a blog that is only dedicated to Social Media.

Social Media, a teasing variable

Social media is relatively new, even though it’s been here for years, it is still a concept that is still being shaped according to us… yes us, the users, the people, the clients, the consumers… We change it as we go, collectively, without really knowing how and why. It mirrors our behavior on a daily basis.

The reason behind this blog

Check the about page to know more about this blog and me.

Tips and ideas will be shared here with you dear reader, in order for you to benefit from them on any level, be it professional, corporate or personal. That is the main purpose of this blog.

Why should you listen to me?

You really don’t have to! Go away! Okay, I’m kidding. You see, this is simply something I recently realized that I love understanding and doing, my aim is to get the word out there so any kind of shops, restaurants, hotels, companies, media persona and even individuals benefit from it. So yeah, I have passion for it, and I am not afraid to use it.

Finally, all the time spent online browsing, chatting, writing, interacting, and discovering new things will be dedicated to help you accomplish cool and successful things in your online presence, impacting positively your offline world.

How you can help

Do share leads to articles you find interesting, and any questions you have (considering that they fit the spirit of this blog), and hopefully it will be mentioned and elaborated upon in this blog.

Take it up to the next level, the never ending variable level.


Liliane, aka FunkyOzzi